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Going Home

From the moment you’re admitted to the hospital, you have a team of health care clinicians guiding your progress every step of the way. Included with the physicians, nurses and technicians overseeing your daily care, you also have a team dedicated to your important goal – a successful discharge from the hospital to continue your healing at home or at a rehabilitation facility.

During your stay, you’ll meet Jane Seal, RN, our Coshocton Regional Medical Center Patient Educator. She begins preparing you for discharge almost as soon as you’re admitted. Throughout your hospital stay, she’ll check on your progress, report any concerns to your physician, answer your questions and give your whatever information you need to help better understand you diagnosis and treatment procedures.

Cropped shot of a female nurse checking on her senior patient

Whether you are going home or to a rehabilitation facility, Jane will work with our case management staff – more members of your team – to make sure you’ll have the medical equipment or care arrangements in place for your discharge.

When you’re ready to be discharged, Jane will explain your discharge information to you, taking the time to be sure you understand the instructions and are aware of all medications you have been prescribed. She even makes a special effort to escort each patient out of the hospital when she is able to do so, and will call to check on you in two to three days – just to make sure you’re doing well and to answer any additional questions.

The patient educator is an important addition we’ve made to our care team to give you the one-on-one attention you need to help you heal.