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Billing Information

Medical billing is seldom easy to understand. To meet the demands of insurance payers and federal regulations, a hospital stay or hospital-based clinic visit may result in multiple bills or codes you don’t understand. Here is information about what bills you can expect and how you can get help with your questions.

Your Hospital Bill

During your hospital stay, we carefully record any physician consultations, exams, tests or medications, checking for accuracy at every step in the process. After your discharge from the hospital, your insurance company will receive a statement from us with a list of the hospital services provided to you. They will pay their portion, send you a statement of what was paid, and what is still owed.

After you receive your insurance report, you’ll get bill from Coshocton Regional Medical Center for the remaining balance. You can pay online, mail your payment to the address listed or pay it in person at the billing office, located at 1460 Orange St. in Coshocton. Please click here to pay your bill online. If you have concerns about your ability to pay the final bill, click here for more information.

During your hospital stay, you may have various physicians or specialists treating you. Each of these health care clinicians will send you a separate bill for the professional services they performed for you. For example, after a surgery you may receive a bill from our hospital for hospital services (room, operating room, supplies, etc.), a bill from the surgeon for professional services, a bill from the hospitalist who managed your care, and a bill from the radiologist who read your x-rays.

Important Notice for Medicare Out-patients

If you received out-patient services, Medicare regulations require the hospital to identify self-administered drugs that were dispensed during your outpatient treatment. Please click here for more information about applying for a refund from Medicare Part D if you are charged for self-administered drugs.

Your Hospital-based Clinic Bill

If you have visited a hospital-based physician clinic and are insured through Medicare or other government payers, federal regulations require we send you a bill for the physician’s professional services and a separate bill for technical services, such as lab draws and office services.

If you have any other type of insurance or plan to settle your statement through private pay, you will receive only one bill with the services described above all in one statement. We recognize the confusion this may cause those who receive two bills, but Medicare requires this method be used to ensure your charges are applied to insurance correctly.

We understand that medical care is a complex process and that the billing process can be confusing. If you have questions about the bills you receive from physicians or specialists, please contact the doctor’s offices. If you have any questions about your hospital bill, please call our customer service representatives at (469) 344-7100.