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Our History

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Coshocton Regional Medical Center began its proud history of serving the people of Coshocton and surrounding counties in 1909 as the Keenan Private Hospital, in a small brick building on the corner of Walnut and South 15th Streets. As a means of staffing the new 25-bed hospital, the Coshocton City Nursing School was founded in 1912, and offered education and training for aspiring nurses for 35 years until its closing in 1945.

By the early 1950s, it was clear that providing our patients with quality community-based health care required the construction of a new facility. On Oct. 13, 1957, our four story, state-of-the-art hospital opened its doors at its new location at 1460 Orange St. The old hospital was renovated as an extended care facility.

New technologies have brought revolutions in health care and Coshocton Regional Medical Center has taken a leadership role in implementing new services and technologies to serve patients in our communities with excellent care close to home. The addition of diagnostic imaging equipment such as Full Field Digital Mammography have helped us achieve excellence in diagnostic services. Advancements in cancer treatments led to the development of our outpatient oncology center, providing necessary chemotherapy or other infusion therapies without having to travel far from home.

We have kept pace with advancements in diagnostic capabilities in both the radiology and laboratory services we offer. Our history has marked the evolution to the speed and precision of digital radiology, MRI and 64-Slice CT scanning, and nuclear imaging to aid in the diagnosis of conditions in the bone, organs and soft tissue. Digital technology and secure image transmissions allow us to process, read and return results to your physician with the timeliness and accuracy necessary to get you the answers and treatment you need.

Emergency medicine stands at the heart of healthcare in any community, always prepared to manage traumatic injury or rapid onset of symptoms such as a heart attack or stroke. Our emergency team is focused on prompt, compassionate, quality treatment to produce the best possible outcome for each patient. Whether we are treating a patient on their way to recovery or surgery in our hospital or preparing him or her for transport to a metropolitan medical center for advanced treatments, the intervention our ER team provides makes a dramatic difference for a positive outcome.

In 2016, history and tradition met technology and innovation when the hospital was acquired by Prime Healthcare Foundation. The hospital remains a not-for-profit organization strongly committed to the community spirit that defines the very best community hospitals.

At Coshocton Regional Medical Center, we’re proud of the history that brought us here, and enthusiastic about the innovations yet to come…in our second hundred years!