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Information for Visitors

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Visitation restrictions at Coshocton Regional Medical Center have been updated to visitors allowed at a time in the hospital and clinics. Patients with suspected COVID-19 may have one designated visitor per stay. Exceptions will be made for patients at the end of life, disabled patients and on a case by case basis.

Additional Precautions being taken at our hospital location and all clinic locations include:

  • All patients will be screened for symptoms upon entry of the facility and our clinic locations. We are following CDC guidelines and screening protocols while maintaining our standard infection control best practices.
  • If you feel you have symptoms of COVID-19, you are encouraged to call your Primary Care Provider or our Nurse Hotline at (740) 623-4019.
  • Urgent Care is located at 406 South 15th Street for those who feel they are have symptoms of COVID-19
    • Hours are 8am-8pm; Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm; Saturday-Sunday
    • Individuals that do not exhibit COVID-19 symptoms and do not meet criteria will not be automatically tested for COVID-19

At Coshocton Regional Medical Center, we recognize the important role visits play in a patient’s healing process. A smile and quiet time spent with family and friends can go a long way in calming fears and aiding recovery. That’s why we welcome visitors, depending upon the condition and preference of our patient.

There may be times when visitation is restricted, such as when a patient is in the intensive care unit or is in the emergency room. In these cases, the number and age of visitors may be restricted to protect the patient and allow for appropriate care, since the care, privacy and comfort of our patients is our primary concern.

Here is information we hope will be of help to you as you plan your visit.